Belgian cartoon on the Franco-Prussian War, also referred to as the War of 1870 (9 July 1870 - 10 May 1871).
Image: In the center a standing figure with arms and a helmet, representing War, flanked by a seated man and a woman. The man is blindfolded (blind) and is  tearing pages from a book, the woman has a stick (lame). On the floor is a female figure with ear and, symbol of peace.



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9-06-1870 to 10-05-1871
274 x 395 mm


Text on poster

Rambert 1870. La Guerre. Der Grieg. Belgische Karikatur von Rambert aus dem Jahre 1870 Auf den Krieg. Neue Folge. Bijlage zu Eduard Fuchs "Die Karikatur". U.Hofmann & Comp. Berlin


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