On 15 August 1905 the “Programme of the Competition for the Architectural Plan of the Peace Palace for the use of the Permanent Court of Arbitration with a Library” was sent out all over the world. The competition was open to all. On the closing day, 15 April 1906, no less than 216 plans had been submitted, covering a total of more than 3.000 drawings.

Prior to the official prize competition, this cartoon "Projet pour le Palais de la Paix" by Soranus was published in ‘Uilenspiegel', Rotterdam, 15 October 1904. Republished in: Carteret, J.G., Nicolas: Ange de la Paix, Empereur du Knout, devant l'objectif caricatural: images russes, anglaises, françaises, etc., Paris, Louis Michaud, 1906.

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