Renew books

Books are on loan for a period of 14 days. Before this period expires, you can renew your books once for an extra period of 14 days. You can do this from your own home.

Borrower info

Follow this link to the catalogue to see your so-called "Borrower Info". Here you can check your list of reserved books, your list of borrowed books, the due dates of the books and the amount of reminders which were sent to you. It will open in a new window, so keep this page at hand if you need assistance with which steps to follow.


Fill in the number of your library card in the field behind the heading 'Number'. Put the first three letters of your name, or your password, in the second field 'Name or password'. Click on Send. If you forgot your password, please contact the library.

Renew loans

After login, you will be on a page with the following tabs: Data, Loans, Reservations, Costs and Password. Go to the tab Loans. Here you find the title or titles you have borrowed and the expiry date. If it has not yet expired it says State: borrowed by (0 reminders). You can check the title and press Renew to renew the book. If there is no checkbox, but only a short dash, it means another user has reserved this title and you have to return it before its due date.

If it says: Loan not renewed, this means the title is perhaps a short-loan title, which cannot be renewed.
If there are reminders on this title, you can't renew the book yourself. Bring it back, or contact the library.