50 Years since the Eichmann trial-Memories

The Peace Palace Library together with The Embassy of Israel have the pleasure to organize the “50 Years since the Eichmann trial-Memories" lecture by Judge Gabriel Bach.

Judge Gabriel Bach, Former Vice-President of the Israeli Supreme Court, and, at the time of the Eichmann trial in the years 1960-1962 member of the Israeli prosecution team, was entrusted with the preparation and conduct of prosecution in the trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

Bach was the lead coordinator for the investigation of Adolf Eichmann’s crimes, acting as the legal advisor to the police bureau and preparing the case for trial. He served as one of three principal prosecutors during the trial Bach spent six months talking with Eichmann in preparation of the trial.

Adolf Eichmann, referred to as the “architect of the Holocaust,” was the head of the Gestapo, was captured in 1960 in Buenos Aires by the Israeli Mossad as part of a covert operation. He was then transported to Israel to be prosecuted in Jerusalem as a war criminal. Found guilty, responsible for the murder of millions of Jews, for living conditions designed to kill them, for causing grave physical and mental harm, for sterilization and otherwise prevented childbirth, for enslavement, starvation, and deportation, for general persecution of Jews based on national, racial, religious and political grounds.

Opening remarks by Judge Theodor Meron, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and President of the International Residual Mechanism, a leading scholar of international humanitarian law, human rights, and international criminal law, and a Shakespeare enthusiast.


The programme for the evening will be as follows:

  • 17:00 Doors open and coffee;
  • 18:00 Opening remarks by Judge Theodor Meron;
  • 18:15 Lecture by Judge Gabriel Bach;
  • 19:10 Q&A;
  • 19:30- 20.00 Reception.


We wish to remind you that you are required to bring a valid ID (passport, driving license). Without ID, you will not be able to access the Peace Palace. We kindly refer you to the PDF file, containing more information about the event, including how to register in advance for this lecture.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could attend this event.


Jeroen Vervliet, Director Peace Palace Library

Haim Divon, Ambassador of Israel




Gabriel Bach


Theodor Meron


Adolf Eichmann


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