Library lecture about Prof. B.V.A. Röling

After the successful organization of the first Peace Palace Library Lecture,  a second lecture was organized inside the historic reading room of the Peace Palace on 22 June 2011, between 17.30 and 19.30. Professor Nico Schrijver, Professor of Public International Law at Leiden University, spoke about the international legacy of one of the most prominent international lawyers in The Netherlands after 1945, B.V.A. Röling (1906-1985).

Nico Schrijver completed his LLM in Dutch and International Law at the University of Groningen under the supervision of Professor Röling and served for a number of years as his assistant.  Röling’s appointment as a judge to the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal prompted Röling to take up issues of international criminal law and general international law. He subsequently became one of the founding fathers of the new international discipline of peace research. He often took points of view which today would be regarded as firmly rooted in contemporary international law and conventional wisdom, but were certainly not so at the time. Other speakers were Hugo Röling, the son of Prof. B.V.A. Röling, and Peter van Krieken, Chair of the  Röling Foundation.