Summer courses

Each year, students from all over the world come to the Peace Palace to participate in the prestigious summer courses organized by the Hague Academy of International Law. We serve as the Academy's Law Library, and all students are welcome to make use of our extensive collection and other research tools and resources.

Programme 2019 Summer Courses Hague Academy of International Law

Programme 2020 Winter Courses Hague Academy of International Law

The Hague Academy of International Law

The well-known summer courses of the Hague Academy take place over a period of six weeks: three weeks of public international law (in July) and three weeks of private international law (from the end of July until mid-August). For more information or for registrations for summer courses, check the website of the Hague Academy of International Law. For all other questions regarding the summer courses, please use the email-address of the secretariat of the Hague Academy:, telephone (central operators) +31 70 302 4242.

Library services for Summer courses

As a service to the students of The Hague Academy of International Law,  the Peace Palace Library puts up lists of necessary and recommended reading for the lecturers of the Summer Courses. The Library makes these readings available in electronic format, so that the students can prepare for the courses before they come to The Hague. All documents can be downloaded from the Hague Academy Document E-Learning Portal , for which the Academy students will receive an invitation by email.

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