Alerts and RSS

The library has a so-called alert service. Scholars and other interested persons can subscribe to this service which keeps them informed -by a weekly email- about recent acquisitions in the library.  To keep an eye on current events, there is the opportunity to make use of the standard RSS option which appears on various pages on this website.

Alerts service

Up till now, the library uses a subject classification, which allows those interested in a specific subject, to receive a weekly update regarding this subject. This update is about the recent purchase of documents (books, journals, etc.) in the library. More on this on our new titles webpage.

RSS feeds from the Peace Palace Library

All relevant entries in 'Library services' on this website come with the RSS  RSS icon icon in the upper right corner. Simply clicking this icon enables you to subscribe to this page -via your RSSreader-  in order to keep abreast of any new messages.

A small version of the RSS icon appears next to each subject on our new titles webpage. Clicking this icon enables you to subscribe to a specific subject mentioned on this page. Using your RSSreader you will be informed about recent acquisitions.

Subscribe to new e-journals

Subscribe to newly added e-journals. Please visit E-resources, you are taken to a page with extra information and the opportunity to use RSS. Copy the link provided over there to your RSS reader to subscribe.

Subscribe to your own 'new titles search alert'

Set out an alert on new books or articles in the library with a certain word or phrase in the title. Use the searchbox below: type your word or phrase and click 'submit'. You are taken to a RSS feed. Copy this link into your RSS reader to subscribe.

The Peace Palace Library respects your privacy and we are very careful with your personal data. If you like to know, how we use and protect you personal information, please read our Privacy statement.

Create your own new titles alert here

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