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1. The 1814 Treaty of Kiel - Norwegian Sovereignty and Natural Law / Ola Mestad
The 1814 Treaty of Kiel - Norwegian Sovereignty and Natural Law / Ola Mestad. - Baden-Baden : Nomos. - Page 536-555 In: Recht und Realität : Festschrift für Christoph Vedder / Stefan Lorenzmeier, Hans-Peter Folz (Herausgeber), ISBN 9783848731725: ([2017]), Page 536-555. - [2017]
Keywords: Denmark, Sweden, Peace treaties, Independence, Natural law, Sovereignty,

2. Non-state actors and international obligations : creation, evolution and enforcement / edited by James Summers and Alex Gough
Non-state actors and international obligations : creation, evolution and enforcement / edited by James Summers and Alex Gough. - Boston ; Leiden : Brill, 2018. - 1 online resource (xxxvi, 487 pages) Introduction / James Summers -- Treaty obligations of collective non-state entities : the case of the deep seabed regime / Klara Polackova van der Ploeg -- The East India Company : non-state actor as treaty-maker / Michael Mulligan -- Armed non-state actors and customary international law / Agata Kleczkowska -- Ad hoc commitments by non-state armed actors : the continuing relevance of state consent / Eva Kassoti -- Exploring the borderlands : the role of private actors in individual in international cultural law / Valentina Vadi -- Shaping the Convention on Biological Diversity : the rising importance of indigenous peoples within the Nagoya protocol on access and benefit-sharing / Federica Cittadino -- Exploring the future of individuals as subjects of international law : the example of the Canadian private sponsorship of refugees programme / Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko -- Redefining the position of the investor in the international legal order and the nature of investment treaty rights : a closer look at the relationship between diplomatic protection and investor-state arbitration / Javier García Olmedo -- Tracing the human rights obligations of UN peacekeeping operations / Simone F. van den Driest -- An elephant in the room : the scrutiny of the United Nations in the practice of the European Court of Human Rights / Gintaré Pažereckaité -- The business and human rights regime under international law : remedy without law? / Ioana Cismas and Sarah Macrory -- International human rights law and territorial non-state actors : cases of the Council of Europe region / Natalia Cwicinskaja -- The impact of non-state actors' intervention in investor-state arbitration : a further study / Emily Choo -- The Brčko arbitration : a process for lasting peace between non-state actors / Tomas Vail -- International law and the global public interest: ICANN's independent objector as a mechanism of responsive global governance / Adamantia Rachovitsa -- The relevance of article 9 of the Articles on State Responsibility for the Internationally Wrongful Acts of Armed Groups / Katharine Fortin -- State responsibility, "successful" insurrectional movements and governments of national reconciliation / Tatyana Eatwell -- Does an armed group have an obligation to provide reparations to its victims? : construing an obligation to provide reparations for violations of international humanitarian law / Paloma Blázquez Rodríguez -- Prosecuting members of transnational terrorist groups under article 25 of the Rome Statute : a network theory approach to accountability / Anna Marie Brennan -- NGO's in terrorism cases : diffusing norms of international human rights law / Jeffrey Davis. - Includes bibliographical references and index. - 2018
Keywords: International obligations, Human rights,


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