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Public International Law: Mutual Cooperation in Criminal Matters

1. Mutual recognition of judicial decisions in European criminal law / Libor Klimek
Mutual recognition of judicial decisions in European criminal law / Libor Klimek. - Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017. - xli, 742 pages. ; 24 cm Principles of Mutual Recognition Measures -- European Arrest Warrant (Surrender Procedure) -- Mutual Recognition of Custodial Sentences and Measures Involving Deprivation of Liberty -- Mutual Recognition of Probation Measures and Alternative Sanctions -- Mutual Recognition of Financial Penalties -- Mutual Recognition of Confiscation Orders -- European Supervision Order in Pre-trial Procedures (Mutual Recognition of Supervision Measures as an Alternative to Provisional Detention) -- European Investigation Order (Free Movement of Evidence) -- European Protection Order (Mutual Recognition of Protection Orders) -- Mutual Recognition Offences -- Units Facilitating and Co-ordinating the Mutual Recognition -- Strengthening Procedural Rights in Criminal Proceedings as a Consequence of Mutual Recognition -- Implementation of Mutual Recognition Legislative Instruments -- Evaluation of Mutual Recognition Measures. - Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - 2017
Keywords: Justice and home affairs, European arrest warrant, Recognition and enforcement of penal sentences, European criminal law,


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