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Bertha Sophia Felicita von Suttner was a 19th century author and peace activist from Austria. Her most famous work, the anti-war novel titled 'Die Waffen Nieder' (Lay Down Your Arms), became an international bestseller and was published in all the major world languages of the time. Upon the success of her novel, Bertha von Suttner quickly rose to prominence within the international peace movement that was gaining ground in Europe and in the United States of America. She founded the Austrian Peace Society, contributed to the establishment of many other pacifist organizations throughout Europe and founded a peace journal, Die Waffen Nieder, which was later succeeded by the journal Die Friedens-Warte.

In 1905, she became the first women in history to win the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition to these accomplishments, she also played a significant role in helping the Peace Palace come in to existence. During the first Hague Peace Conference in 1899, she spent a period of three months in The Hague to be in close range of the Conference. She was the only woman to attend the opening of the Conference. She organized a Salon in the Kurhaus Hotel where she received many official delegates to discuss and influence the ongoing developments. In 1913, she returned to The Hague to attend the official opening of the Peace Palace. She died 10 months later, on June 21, 1914, just three weeks before the outbreak of World War I.

Suttner, B.S.F. von, The Barbarization of the Sky, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, The Bertha von Suttner Project, 2017.
Foreword by Hope Elizabeth May; introduction by Jeroen Vervliet; translated from the German by Belinda Cooper; First edition; XXXIII, 91 pages, illustrations; 16 cm; Includes bibliographical references and appendix; Translation of: Die Barbarisierung der Luft, Berlin, Verlag der "Friedens-Warte", 1912.

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