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The 'Kosovo Specialist Chambers & Specialist Prosecutor's Office' are tasked with the prosecution of individuals for crimes against humanity, war crimes and other crimes under Kosovo law which occurred between 1 January 1998 and 31 December 2000 in Kosovo.

The Specialist Chambers have their own set of unique features including, but not limited to, the following elements:

  • The Specialist Chambers have been established with the involvement of the EU(LEX)
  • They are established by Kosovo national law and are part of the Kosovo judicial system, albeit in a different location (The Hague, The Netherlands)
  • The Specialist Chambers operate alongside the Kosovo domestic juridical system, replicating each level of the court system in Kosovo from a pre-trial Judge to a Basic Court Chamber, a Court of Appeals Chamber, a Supreme Court Chamber and a Constitutional Court Chamber
  • They are composed of solely international personnel, including judges, investigators and interpreters
  • They apply Kosovo domestic law and customary international law


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