Peace Palace Centenary

On 28 August 2013, the Peace Palace has celebrated its first Centenary. In the course of these hundred years the Peace Palace has become the icon of The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice. It is a beautiful building in which people are working on a daily basis towards world peace.

The Peace Palace was built in 1913 with funds from a donation made by celebrated steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. It is home to a number of international judicial institutions, including the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice and the Hague Academy of International Law, which attracts law students from all over the world every summer. The Peace Palace is one of the most photographed landmarks of The Hague and is accessible to the public through guided weekend tours. The Centenary will be celebrated with conferences and events. To commemorate the 100th years anniversary, the Peace Palace Library presents a series of library blogs, pictures, posters and other materials from its collection to illustrate the origins and history of the Peace Palace, and its important role in the development of international law and world peace.

Centenary project: Digitization Poster Collection

The Peace Palace Library holds a unique collection of posters. This collection contains woodcuts, etchings, engravings, lithographs, photographs, drawings, posters, and maps. Together they form a visual supplement to the book collection. They show important historical scenes or persons.  They refer to themes and subjects, which are research topics in the library. During this anniversary year, the entire collection will be digitized and made accessible online. In this collection there are also posters relating to the Peace Palace.

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'Holland 1913. Tentoonstellingen in 30 steden'. Poster collection Peace Palace LibraryHolland 1913. Dutch poster. Dated 1913, designed by A.M. Luijt. 'A crowd stands in front of the newly opened Peace Palace as the seat of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. New hope for a peaceful world'. Poster collection Peace Palace Library