PressReader Trial now available!

PressReader Trial now available!

For four weeks, until the twelfth of February 2016, the Peace Palace Library will test a new News Service for visitors of the library, provided by PressReader. This News Service consists of over 4000 newspapers, including e.g. Wall Street Journal, Le Figaro, Handelsblatt and El Mundo, and journals coming from over 100 countries.

How does it work?

It is free available inside the Peace Palace Library. Visitors can use PressReader on the terminals in the Reading Room or they can download the PressReader app on their own device (smartphone/tablet) via the links underneath. When visitors have installed the PressReader app, they can download newspapers and journals. Downloading of these journals and newspapers only works when visitors are inside the Peace Palace Library. These downloads will then be available for seven days.

Download the app

The PressReader app is available via these links:

Don’t know how to use it? You can find a tutorial on PressReader’s website. Click here. If you have any other questions about the trial period or about Press Reader please shoot us an e-mail via We’re also looking forward to your feedback if you would like to continue this service after the trial period has ended.
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