Searching the catalogue

You can also use our online catalogue for an advanced search by combining the different search methods mentioned. Just click in the catalogue on "Advanced"in the menu bar.  As you can see you can use different tabs for your research. To illustrate searching with different tabs we will use the following items as examples: James Crawford and Public International Law. Type in the first tab of the author “Crawford, James” and in the second tab of title words “Public International Law”.
Besides the different search tabs you will also find on this page different operators (and, or, and not) on the right to combine your search.
For example: the search "Crawford, James AND “Public International Law" will find any article that has both concepts in it. For example, the search "(Crawford, James OR Public International Law) AND human rights" will find any article that has either James Crawford or Public International Law as terms and the term human rights.
You will find a publication which matches your research. Select this publication in the catalogue. Click on the ‘Plinklet button’. Directly underneath that link, you will find a yellow link ‘borrow or use this item’, which brings you directly to the request and reserve page.

Combination Of Search Methods