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  • Paardenmarkt: A Toxic Legacy of the Great War

    mai 29, 2015

    Countries that in the past have chosen to take the easy way out by disposing their chemical warfare material by ocean dumping are now realizing the unpleasant fact that this material, although out of sight, is not out of mind because it presents threats to public health and the environment. Here, the example of one of the largest World War I ammunition dump sites in Europe, the Paardenmarkt, a narrow submerged sand-bank called off the coast of Belgium.

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  • Deutschlands Schicksal

    Deutschlands Schicksal

    novembre 13, 2014

    German propaganda poster that expresses Germany’s fear for British bombing of their industrial plants. Image: map of Germany’s main industrial area. Around the map bombers and destroyed industrial plants are depicted.

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  • Jura Be - Legal World - Belgium

    Database: Jura.Be (LegalWorld)

    septembre 30, 2014 is an online Library from Kluwer Belgium. The database is multi-disciplinary and for each discipline, an extensive range of legislation, case law and jurisprudence is available. contains summaries of published judgments with a reference to the journal in which they are published; the full texts of the decisions of the Court of Cassation and of the Court of Arbitration are also available.

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  • Poster: Darf Belgien Englands Aufmarschgebiet werden?

    Poster: Darf Belgien Englands Aufmarschgebiet werden?

    juillet 23, 2014

    Poster from World War I expressing German anxiety over the proposed construction of a Channel Tunnel linking Belgium and England, c.1914-1918. Translated from German: Can Belgium be allowed to become England’s deployment area?

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  • Article 247 of the Treaty of Versailles and the “Mystic Lamb”

    Article 247 of the Treaty of Versailles and the “Mystic Lamb”

    février 27, 2014

    The ‘biography’ of the Ghent Altarpiece, also called the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, reads like a thriller. From the beginning this fascinating work was the object of passionate desire to either possess or destroy it. During the centuries of its existence, the altarpiece witnessed religious upheavals in the Southern Netherlands, came close to being destroyed during these outbreaks of iconoclasm and was damaged when moved to save guard it or when stolen. It endured fires, Napoleon’s looting army and two world wars. Parts of it were stolen, burned, recovered and stolen again and again.

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  • Scheldt River Dispute (Part II) : Hedwige Polder

    décembre 22, 2009

    The Scheldt is a transboundary river which originates in North-Western France and runs through Western Belgium and the South-West of the Netherlands. The Scheldt Estuary is shared between Belgium and the Netherlands. Since the separation of Belgium from the Netherlands in 1839, the free navigation of the Scheldt and the maintenance and improvement of the navigation channel have been a bone of contention and legal controversy.

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