• Embassy Centennial Book Donation Project Mexico, Bolivia and New Zealand 01

    Embassy Centennial Book Donation Project: Mexico, Bolivia and New Zealand

    December 24, 2013

    As we look back on the past events of our Centenary, we must conclude that our special Centennial Book Project has been a phenomenal success. So far, 25 Embassies in The Hague have generously contributed and therefore enriched our National Law Collection. This month, we’ve welcomed the Embassies of Mexico, Bolivia and New Zealand in the library. Find out which publications are now part of library collection.

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  • Map of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay (with) Map of Chili, by S. Augustus Mitchell, 1880

    Bolivia’s Centenarian Maritime Claim before the International Court of Justice

    May 14, 2013

    Despite losing its maritime coast, the so-called Littoral Department, after the War of the Pacific, Bolivia has historically maintained, as a state policy, a maritime claim to Chile. The claim asks for sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean and its maritime space. The Political Constitution of 2009 established that Bolivia declares its right to access to the sea, and that its objective is to solve the problem peacefully. Therefore, on 24 April 2013, Bolivia instituted proceedings against Chile before the International Court of Justice. A guest blog by Elizabeth Santalla Vargas.

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