• Suriname, Amnesty laws & the December Murder Trials

    April 16, 2012

    On Friday April 13th 2012, a Surinamese military court was expected to comment on a recently adopted controversial Amnesty bill in the case regarding the December Murders of 1982 in which Desiré Delano (Desi) Bouterse, the current President of the Republic of Suriname, is the prime suspect.

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  • The New President of Suriname

    August 12, 2010

    Mr. Désiré Delano Bouterse, a former military dictator, was elected President of the Republic of Suriname on July 19 by 36 votes out of 50 parliamentary votes. He will be inaugurated today August 12th in Paramaribo in the presence of the outgoing president Ronald Venetiaan. Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, cancelled his attendance because of […]

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