Environmental protection

  • Investigating Foreign Political Links in Timber-Producing Countries

    mars 24, 2016

    At the time of writing, it is the International Day of Forests. It is on this day, 21st March 2016, that Project LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests) of INTERPOL spoke out (again) about the link between corruption and the global trade in timber. An estimated $30 billion of government revenue is lost every year as a result of corruption in timber trade. This article will shed light on the indiscriminate destruction of our forests, under the guise of economic development for the financial benefit of elites at the highest level of the political system and how international, regional and national laws on anti-­corruption are implicated.

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    Droit international de l’environnement

    Le droit de l’environnement est un ensemble complexe de normes établies aux niveaux mondial, international, national, régional et local par des lois, des traités, des conventions, des règlements et des politiques visant à protéger l’environnement et les ressources naturelles affectées, touchées ou mises en danger par les activités humaines. Le présent guide de recherche se […]

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