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  • Poster: Defeat the Kaiser and his U-boats

    Defeat the Kaiser and his U-boats

    novembre 7, 2014

    Black and orange colored World War I poster depicting Kaiser Wilhelm II with a German helmet watching an U-boat and a sinking ship with smoke rising from it.

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  • Food - Research Guide International Law


    Au 20e siècle, la science et la technologie ont contribué à transformer en profondeur le secteur agricole dans la plupart des pays industrialisés.  Les implications de ces changements pour les pays développés comme pour les pays en voie de développement pour le secteur agricole, la sécurité alimentaire, la sécurité des aliments, l’environnement, le commerce, etc. […]

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  • Global Honey Bee Colony Disorder and Other Threats to Insect Pollinators

    Bees under Bombardment : Time for Plan Bee

    avril 8, 2011

    Current scientific evidence demonstrates that a sixth major extinction of biological diversity event is underway. The Earth is losing between one and ten percent of biodiversity per decade, mostly due to habitat loss, pest invasion, pollution, climate change, over-harvesting and disease. Certain natural ecosystem services, which are vital for human societies, are under stress.

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