• Guest Blogger Jaap Hoeksma Launches Twin Definitions Transnational Democracy

    August 28, 2015

    As result of a series of blogs about the nature of the European Union, which he posted on the website of the Peace Palace Library, philosopher of law and library user Jaap Hoeksma is suggesting to concretize the hitherto abstract idea of transnational democracy by launching a twin definition of the new concept.

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  • Concretizing Transnational Democracy

    August 14, 2015

    In his Models of Democracy, initially published in 2006, David Held submitted that in the 21st century democratic institutions must be developed at regional and global levels as a necessary complement to those at the level of the nation-state. A few years earlier Tony McGrew distinguished in his seminal essay on Transnational Democracy between four different accounts of transnational democracy rooted in the distinctive traditions of democratic thought, namely liberal-internationalism, radical democratic pluralism, cosmopolitanism and deliberative democracy. Whereas Held and McGrew discussed transnational democracy primarily as abstract concepts, Habermas suggested in 2014 that the European Union has to become a transnational democracy.

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