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  • Aleppo, Ankara and Berlin: Atrocities, Violence and Terror

    décembre 21, 2016

    Humanitarian Crisis in Syria. In the eastern part of Aleppo, a Syrian city held by rebels, thousands of civilians were trapped. People were being executed in those parts of Aleppo that had been retaken by Assad forces. Recently the trapped residents that were stuck in a small area with no safe zones posted final “goodbye” messages, pictures and tweets on social media. They have thanked supporters, and questioned how the world allowed the situation in Aleppo to happen. The situation in Syria has been described as a “stain on the world’s collective conscience”.

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  • Extending the Coalition against Islamic State

    octobre 3, 2014

    Yesterday, Turkey’s parliament has backed a motion that could allow its military to enter Iraq and Syria to join the campaign against Islamic State (IS) militants. While Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar have quickly joined the bombing campaign, Washington’s traditional Western allies had been slow to answer the call from U.S. President Barack Obama. France was the first Western country to respond, but this week national parliaments in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia have approved to join the global coalition against Islamic State too.

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  • Intervention - Research Guide International Law

    Intervention et non-intervention

    L’article 2 paragraphe 7 de la Charte des Nations Unies est clair en ce qui concerne les sujets soumis à intervention : “Aucune disposition de la présente Charte n’autorise les Nations Unies à intervenir dans des affaires qui relèvent essentiellement de la compétence nationale d’un État”. Cet article proclame le principe de l’intégrité territoriale des […]

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