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  • Hague Academy of International Law - Auditorium

    2015 Centre for Studies and Research: Access of Individuals to International Justice

    août 28, 2015

    Last week, the 2015 Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations has started for a period of three weeks. The Centre is designed to bring together young international lawyers of a high standard from all over the world, to undertake original research on a common general theme which is determined each year by Curatorium of the Hague Academy. The research undertaken during the Centre is included in a collective work published by the Academy. Theme this year: Access to Individuals to International Justice. The aim is to cover both theoretical and practical aspects, with regard to a variety of situations and contexts.

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  • Sujets de droit international

    Les sujets de droit international peuvent être décrits comme les personnes ou les entités qui possèdent la personnalité internationale. Tout au long du XIXe siècle, seuls les États étaient sujets de droit international public. Après la deuxième guerre mondiale, de plus en plus de nouveaux acteurs ont émergé dans l’arène juridique internationale, comme les organisations […]

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