Legal databases

  • Kluwer Arbitration Online Update

    August 31, 2018

    The Kluwer Arbitration Online database has been updated. Six new e-book titles have recently been added. Kluwer Arbitration Online covers both primary and secondary resources. The database contains the major international agreements, rules, and institutional information available in current international arbitration and investment arbitration. The database also includes case law of awards, notes, commentary, institutional rules, model clauses from leading publications, book reviews, organizations, national laws and national rules of several countries, events, newsletter, blogs, and even some submissions or interim orders under various arbitral regimes related to international arbitration and investment arbitration.

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  • Database : LLMC Digital

    April 29, 2018

    Database : LLMC Digital

    LLMC Digital is a database containing full-text legal publications, mostly on Anglo-American Law as well as foreign jurisdictions from selected countries. It includes books, journals, law reports, legislation and government publications. These legal materials , dating from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, cover a wide range of legal topics such as: British Empire studies, canon law, military law, comparative law, Roman law and legal philosophy. Materials from the United States Federal Government, States and Territories are also included. These are: US Supreme Court Reports, the US Code (1925-1990s) , Official Edition (1790-1996), First series of West’s regional Reporters (1880s-1925).

    In addition, this database provides materials from selected countries including the United Kingdom, the English Reports (1378-1865) and individual series of nominate reports, UK official publications about other countries (these will be listed under the names of the respective countries), India, Pakistan, Iraq, Japan, Palestine, South-Africa.

    Lastly, this database also contains monographs and titles covering legislation, Treaties and case law.

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  • Legal Databases

    August 4, 2017

    The Peace Palace Library has paid subscriptions to online content of a growing collection of legal databases from all around the world. During the Academy period, all students will have access to over 40 legal databases from South-Africa, France, India, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Tanzania, Zambia and many more. The Library also offers databases on legal subjects such as international criminal law, investment arbitration and oil, gas – and energy law.

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  • Language of Peace (Research Tool)

    May 30, 2017

    Language of Peace is a research tool providing access to around 1000 peace agreements concluded in the post-WWII era, categorized article by article according to the issues they address, from ceasefires through human rights to power sharing. Through this innovative tool, users can search agreements according to 226 issues, organized under 26 main issue headings, and refine their results through a number of filters, such as parties/witnesses, region, date range and conflict type, or make use of the word search function. Search results can subsequently be bookmarked and exported in either PDF or DOCX format. Furthermore, in order to provide information about the broader context of provisions on a particular issue, Language of Peace is linked to the UN Peacemaker database, which contains full text PDF documents of the agreements. Language of Peace was developed as part of the Legal Tools for Peace-Making project at the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Political Affairs; the website was designed and developed by PASTPRESENTFUTURE. The project is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

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  • Database Dalloz

    February 17, 2017

    Dallow is a French legal database containing legal journals, legislation, legal commentaries and case law. The legal fields that are included in our subscription are: French civil law, criminal law, administrative law, business law, labor law, real estate as well as European – and International Law. The Encyclopédie Juridique Dalloz contains twelve Répertoires. The encyclopedias are frequently used by practitioners and scholars. They are of a high scholarly quality in that all the articles have been written by renowned judges, scholars, or practitioners.

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  • Legal Database: Kluwer Competition Law

    November 23, 2016

    Kluwer Competition Law is a fully searchable collection of primary source material, commentary, and analysis in EU competition law. The database has been organised into the specific competition law topics of Antitrust, Mergers and State Aid. Each topic consists of an overview, legislation and notices, Commission and Court Decisions and Analytical Materials, taken from KLI publications (journals, books and looseleafs) and explaining the reasoning behind the decisions and their implications. Liberalisation, the internal market, services and goods and consumer policy and the environment are included as special sectors. The database also includes 29 country reports of National Legislation and of Analytical Materials, derived both from KLI publications and the e-Competitions bulletin.

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  • Database SSC Online

    October 13, 2016

    SSC online is a legal database containing an enormous collection of legal materials from India as well as from other overseas countries. SCC Online extensively covers cases of the Indian Supreme Court (1969 onwards), Privy Council (1872-1949), all Indian High Courts, Central statues, Rules Regulations, statute law huge number of scholarly articles and Secondary Legal Materials such as all twelve volumes of Constituent Assembly Debates, reports of the law commission of India. In addition to an extensive database of Indian case law, SCC Online also offers International materials, including law decisions & judgments of Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Bangladesh, South Africa & West Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Botswana, United Kingdom, Supreme Court judgments of United States & Canada, judgments of WIPO (Domain Name Decisions) from 2002 onwards, Tribunals, International law and Human Rights Treaties and Conventions. This database is published by the publisher of renowned law report Supreme Court Cases (SCC) which is today the most relied upon law report for judgment of the Supreme Court of India.

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  • Legal Database: DeJure

    September 7, 2016

    Dejure is a collection of Italian case law, judgements and abstracts. It focusses mainly on Constitutional, Civil, Criminal, Administrative law and Tribunal Courts in Italy. In addition, this database also contains the full-text of Italian and European legislation, commentaries to sentences, as well as authoritative reviews from Italian periodicals such as Giurisprudenza di Merito, Foro Amministrativo and others.

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  • Legal Database Hukuk Türk

    June 3, 2016

    Are you interested in accessing Turkish legal information? In that case, we bring to your attention the Turkish Legal Database Hukuk Türk. This law portal from Turkey offers users regularly updated decisions from the Turkish Supreme Court, State Council, Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights. Also all legislation, amended or new, simultaneously with the Official Gazette on a daily basis, a law bibliography, a legal dictionary, samples of petitions and contracts, and draft laws. Legal bibliographies provide access to both books and articles from 1930 to 2000, with additional items published more recently. This database is updated all the time and also includes Turkish legal news. All resources are provided in the original Turkish.

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  • Database: TradeLawGuide

    April 29, 2016

    TradeLawGuide (TLG) sets a new standard for researching World Trade Organization Law. The World Trade Organization (WTO) currently has 162 Member States. TradeLawGuide can be considered the leading research database for this important field of international economic law. This database was created by a team of trade lawyers, researchers and legal knowledge engineers so that WTO law could be researched in a methodical, comprehensive and efficient manner.

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