• Book Donations : Professor Paulo Borba Casella

    July 17, 2020

    The Peace Palace Library was pleasantly surprised when on January 3, we received the first book donation of 2020! A few days before the start of his Academy Lecture during the second edition of the Winter Courses, professor Paulo Borba Casella (University of São Paulo Law School, Brazil) generously donated over 30 of his own publications to the Peace Palace Library.

    On a cold day in early January , professor Paulo Borba Casella surprised the Librarians when he arrived in the Reading Room with not one but two suitcases filled with books!! He explained that since he travelled from São Paulo to The Hague to deliver his Academy lecture titled ‘International Law, History and Culture’, he also wanted to take the opportunity to donate more than 30 of his own publications to the Library.

    We learned that Professor Casella made his first visit to the Library during the 1980’s and his been a friend of the Library ever since. Professor Borba Casella has not only published books in Portuguese and English but also in French and Spanish.

    Throughout the week, Professor Borban Casella surprised us once more when he managed to find some spare time in his busy schedule and joined the students of the Hague Academy on a special Grotius Tour organized by the Library.

    It was a pleasure having Professor Borba Casella in the Library during this year’s Winter Course.

    We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation in response to his generous book donations which helps us to create a resource-rich Library. Thank you for your support!

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