• Book Donation from Pakistan

    février 6, 2019

    During the first week of the Winter Course, Academy student, Ms. Shahneela Tariq, donated a recent publication from Pakistan to the Peace Palace Library on behalf of the University of Lahore. The book is titled ‘The Blind Eye, U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy Towards Pakistan from Ford to Clinton’ by author Dr. Rabia Akhtar, a leading expert on security and strategy studies with a focus on nuclear politics. Challenging widely held notions, ‘The Blind Eye’ offers the first research-based critique on U.S. nonproliferation policy towards Pakistan from President Ford to President Clinton . Pak-U.S. relations have been and continue to be marred by various issues. One of the most contentious factors that strained ties between the two countries was Pakistan getting a nuclear deterrent for itself to achieve parity with India. Read the full abstract here.

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