Peace negotiations

  • Book Launch ‘The Art of Making Peace’

    April 12, 2017

    On Monday, March 20, the Peace Palace Library and the Carnegie Foundation organized the first book launch of this year. ‘ The Art of Making Peace; Lessons learned from the Peace Treaties’ holds special meaning to us as it is a reflection of an international conference that took place during the Peace Palace Centenary in 2013. The volume offers critical reflections by the leading experts of this conference on important peace agreements such as the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, the mother of all peace treaties, as well as some more recent examples such as the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Sudan Agreement. In addition, the situations which arose in relation to the wars between Iran and Iraq and between Kuwait and Iraq are also discussed.

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  • Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture

    March 13, 2017

    On Monday March 20, the Peace Palace Library, the Embassy of Israel in The Hague, Brill-Nijhoff Publishers together with the Rosenne family, are pleased to invite you to the sixth Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture : ‘Negotiating, Drafting, Implementing and Interpreting Peace Agreements’. This year, the Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Tal Becker, legal adviser at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Discussants are: H.E. Judge Julia Sebutinde (ICJ), H.E. Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, Negotiator of the Greek-Cypriotcommunity in the inter-communal talks on the Cyprus problem and Professor Malcolm N. Shaw QC, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge. To attend this event, please register in advance before March 15 via

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  • The official announcement of the date of the Palestinian accession to the ICC, in the form of a letter from Ban, was posted on a U.N. website. (Photo: Reuters)

    Palestine in the International Criminal Court: impact and consequences!

    January 23, 2015

    The year 2014 ended with a cliff-hanger for the Israeli-Palestinian question. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed the Rome Statute on New Year’s eve, a day after a UN resolution mandating Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank failed to pass at the Security Council. As a result, on 6 January 2015, the UN secretary-general confirmed by an official note that Palestine will accede to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on April 1, 2015. In this blog I will explain the meaning of the Palestinian accession, the procedure of preliminary examination by the International Criminal Court and possible consequences for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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  • Logo YPI2014

    The Youth Peace Initiative 2014 and the Roadmap to Israeli-Palestinian Permanent Peace!

    October 17, 2014

    Between 11 and 18 October the Youth Peace Initiative 2014 took place in The Hague, international City of Peace and Justice. The Youth Peace Initiative 2014 (YPI 2014) has been set up to get Israeli and Palestinian youth involved with the current peace negotiations between their nations. The YPI 2014 participants discussed and deliberated a whole week to achieve consensus on ideas and solutions for the peace process.

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  • FARC delegation

    Colombia: At Last Peace with the FARC?

    November 9, 2012

    Columbia’s fourth attempt at peace with the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) started formally last month in Oslo and will continue the 15th of November in Havana, Cuba. The earlier attempts- starting in 1984, 1990 and 1998- to end one of Latin America’s longest and bloodiest armed conflict all failed. Why would the outcome of the peace talks this time be different?

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