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  • Library User in the Spotlight: Mathijs Notermans, Law and Peace in the Work of Hans Kelsen, Dutch PhD-thesis

    juin 3, 2016

    Hans Kelsen is renowned in the world of legal philosophy as one of the most important legal scholars of the 20th century and his most important work which brought him this renown, Pure Theory of Law, is therefore ‘world famous’. However, he is less well known as a legal pacifist and his main writings on law and peace, such as Peace through Law, are very rarely studied and almost never considered in relation to his Pure Theory of Law. Mathijs Notermans wrote his PhD-thesis on this topic. Notermans spent a lot of time reading and writing in the Peace Palace Library, “a magnificent place” where he found “the necessary peace and quiet and got inspired by the very subject”. He defended his PhD-thesis successfully on 24 March 2016 at Leiden University.

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  • Philosophy of Law - Research Guide International Law

    Philosophie du droit

    La philosophie du droit s’intéresse aux questions relatives à la nature du droit et aux concepts qui structurent le droit. Elle s’occupe aussi de questions concernant l’autorité du droit et le rôle du droit dans la société. La philosophie du droit peut être divisée en plusieurs catégories, telles que la jurisprudence analytique, la jurisprudence normative, […]

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