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  • Looted Ethiopian Treasure

    avril 19, 2018

    On April 13, it was the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Maqdala between the British empire and the Abyssinian empire, in modern day Ethiopia. The battle of 1868, which basically started as an expedition to free British hostages taken by the Abyssinian emperor, resulted in a decisive victory for the British and the suicide of the Abyssinian emperor Tewodros. In the aftermath, the British troops plundered the empire and loaded 15 elephants and almost 200 mules with their spoils. The Victoria and Albert Museum now hosts a special display with a number of the artifacts. This exposition raises the issue of the restitution of the looted artifacts to Ethiopia.

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  • Article 247 of the Treaty of Versailles and the “Mystic Lamb”

    Article 247 of the Treaty of Versailles and the “Mystic Lamb”

    février 27, 2014

    The ‘biography’ of the Ghent Altarpiece, also called the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, reads like a thriller. From the beginning this fascinating work was the object of passionate desire to either possess or destroy it. During the centuries of its existence, the altarpiece witnessed religious upheavals in the Southern Netherlands, came close to being destroyed during these outbreaks of iconoclasm and was damaged when moved to save guard it or when stolen. It endured fires, Napoleon’s looting army and two world wars. Parts of it were stolen, burned, recovered and stolen again and again.

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  • Cultural Heritage - Research Guide International Law

    Patrimoine culturel de l’humanité

    Le patrimoine culturel peut être décrit comme l’héritage culture laissé par les générations précédentes, un héritage que nous souhaitons souvent identifier et préserver parce qu’il renforce notre identité culturelle et notre sentiment d’appartenir à une même communauté. Les communautés et les nations aiment célébrer et préserver leur patrimoine, et les États ont mis en œuvre […]

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