• Legacies of the Armenian Genocide: Family Stories of Survivors

    avril 24, 2017

    Today, 24 April, marks the 102nd commemoration of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1916. Often, debates on the Armenian Genocide center around demographic data of lost Armenian lives in the genocide and overlook the fact how each killing affected a family irreversibly. Mass atrocities and deportations weighed on families, disrupting relationships between relatives, husbands and wives, as well as parents and children. Survivors of the genocide lost contact with their family members and were scattered into various regions, from the Middle East, Russia and Europe to the American and Australian continents. This blog focuses on separated survivors of the Armenian Genocide and how sometimes their descendant families are reunited.

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  • Aleppo, Ankara and Berlin: Atrocities, Violence and Terror

    décembre 21, 2016

    Humanitarian Crisis in Syria. In the eastern part of Aleppo, a Syrian city held by rebels, thousands of civilians were trapped. People were being executed in those parts of Aleppo that had been retaken by Assad forces. Recently the trapped residents that were stuck in a small area with no safe zones posted final “goodbye” messages, pictures and tweets on social media. They have thanked supporters, and questioned how the world allowed the situation in Aleppo to happen. The situation in Syria has been described as a “stain on the world’s collective conscience”.

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  • Legal Database Hukuk Türk

    juin 3, 2016

    Are you interested in accessing Turkish legal information? In that case, we bring to your attention the Turkish Legal Database Hukuk Türk. This law portal from Turkey offers users regularly updated decisions from the Turkish Supreme Court, State Council, Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights. Also all legislation, amended or new, simultaneously with the Official Gazette on a daily basis, a law bibliography, a legal dictionary, samples of petitions and contracts, and draft laws. Legal bibliographies provide access to both books and articles from 1930 to 2000, with additional items published more recently. This database is updated all the time and also includes Turkish legal news. All resources are provided in the original Turkish.

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