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  • The Emerging Legal Regime of Wrecks of Warships

    février 3, 2017

    The status in international law of operational warships has been long established. In contrast, the status of such vessels after they have sunk has been, and remains, a matter of considerable uncertainty. The 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) provides no rules whatsoever relating to sunken warships nor to wrecks more generally. However, over the last decades, technological advances have led to the discovery of many new wreck sites, fuelling commercial interest in these wrecks. As we have seen in our previous blog, illegal scavenging of war wrecks has caused significant upset among governments, war veterans and historians who want to preserve the final resting place of sailors who went down with their ships.

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  • US Policy China Sea and UNCLOS

    février 11, 2016

    The Law of the Sea Treaty, formally known as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, was adopted in 1982. One hundred and sixty-two countries, including China and Russia and the European Union, are signatories to the treaty that governs the world’s oceans. The United States is not. The Convention has been approved by nearly every maritime power and all the permanent members of the UN Security Council, except the United States. Despite being a leading maritime power possessing the largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and one of the longest continental shelves, the United States has not ratified UNCLOS.

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  • New Publication: La criminalité en mer = Crimes at Sea

    septembre 9, 2014

    The Centre for Studies and Research of the Hague Academy devoted its Session in 2012 to the issue of ‘Criminal Acts at Sea’. The present volume includes some of the outstanding products of their work. The chapters in this volume underscore the common challenges in international co-operation at the level with respect to crimes at sea identify a number of the potential shortcomings of the applicable international law.
     New Publication: La criminalité en mer = Crimes at sea

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  • Law of the Sea - Research Guide International Law

    Droit de la mer

    La convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer (Montego Bay, 10 décembre 1982), UNCLOS, vise à régir l’utilisation des océans pour la pêche, la navigation commerciale, l’exploration, la navigation et l’exploitation minière. L’UNCLOS est le traité de droit international public le plus exhaustif et concerne une série importante de questions de droit de la mer

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