• Perspectives on Mass Violence: Peace and Conflict Studies and Genocide Studies Compared

    mars 1, 2018

    This week’s compelling guest blog compares the fields of Conflict Studies with Genocide Studies, its intriguing differences and similarities and the general lack of cross-pollination between them, even though they both deal with questions of collective violence and individual participation in violence. The author, Kjell Anderson, is a jurist and social scientist and works in both fields of Conflict Studies and Genocide studies.

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  • Ratko Mladic Found Guilty

    novembre 22, 2017

    Mladic has been sentenced to life in prison. He is convicted of the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosniak men and boys at Srebrenica in 1995 and the siege of Sarajevo in which more than 10,000 people died.

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  • From Classic Wars to Hybrid Warfare

    juillet 27, 2017

    Thinking about wars people used to see battlefields with tanks, trenches, armies with conventional weapons, uniformed soldiers under strict hierarchical military command structure (‘Befehl ist Befehl’). Wars between nation-states were waged conform international (humantarian) law (Geneva Conventions 1949), in line with Clausewitz’s military theories. However, the concept of warfare is changing rapidly. The war of the Western coalition against Islamic State for instance, is an asymmetrical conflict. If all the jihadi’s would be competing with all Western allied forces on one battlefield, the battle would be over in no time. That’s why Islamic State uses insurgency and hit and run guerrilla-tactics, avoiding army-to-army confrontations.

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  • People on War 2016

    décembre 9, 2016

    Over 17,000 people in 16 countries were asked to share their views on a range of issues relating to war – in the ICRC People on War survey. The results are both reassuring and alarming.

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  • Bartók in War and Peace, 17 November, 20:15 Hours

    novembre 14, 2016

    A Peace Palace Lecture with live music.
    Bartók in War and Peace, 17 November, 20:15 Hours

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  • Eyffinger, A.C.G.M., "The Stars of Eternal Truth and Right": Bertha von Suttner's Campaigning for Peace, Social Justice, and Womanhood, Oisterwijk, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2013.

    “The Stars of Eternal Truth and Right”: Bertha von Suttner’s Campaigning for Peace, Social Justice, and Womanhood

    février 7, 2014

    New publication by Arthur Eyffinger. The Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907 were the undisputable highlights of Bertha von Suttner’s long career as an engaged peace activist. To her, the opening of the Peace Palace in 1913 was a dream come true. This publication focuses on Bertha’s tenets and aspirations with regard to the emerging international tradition in The Hague.

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  • War and Peace | Research Guide International Law


    La guerre est un état de conflit organisé, armé et souvent prolongé entre États, nations, ou d’autres parties, caractérisé par une agressivité extrême, des désordres sociaux et souvent une forte mortalité.  Outre l’existence de ce schéma de comportement organisé chez les primates humains, on trouve des schémas de comportement guerriers organisés très similaires chez les […]

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