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EU Legislation/Policy



  • Deaths at the Border database.  The Deaths at the Borders Database is the first collection of official, state-produced evidence on people who died while attempting to reach southern EU countries from the Balkans, the Middle East, and North & West Africa, and whose bodies were found in or brought to Europe.
  • Liquid Traces: The Left-to-Die Boat Case. Directed by C. Heller and L. Pezzani, it offers a synthetic reconstruction of the events concerning what is known as the “left-to-die boat” case, video 18 minutes.
  • Refugee Republic. An online documentary about everyday life in Camp Domiz, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq. Around 64 thousand predominantly Kurdish-Syrian refugees have sought shelter here. As the number of refugees grew, the camp gradually transformed from a temporary refuge to a makeshift town, where people live and work, go to school, start a business, get married, argue and have fun.Visual artist Jan Rothuizen, journalist Martijn van Tol, and photographer Dirk Jan Visser explored Camp Domiz from A to Z. They bring to life its inhabitants and places in a multidimensional mix of sound, drawings, photo and film.
  • Statewatch observatory, The refugee crisis in the Med and inside the EU: a humanitarian emergency. This Observatory covers the arrival of refugee and migrants, the reactions and failures within the EU (both governmental and within communities), edited by Tony Bunyan.

Additional Resources

People wishing to learn more about migration and refugee issues have also access to a variety of books and academic journals, such as the International Journal of Refugee Law, Journal of Refugee Studies, Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, Refugee Survey Quarterly, not to mention the research paper series published by organizations such as the Refugee Studies Centre and UNHCR or the Migration Policy Centre. Most of these are available via the Peace Palace catalogue and the Refugees research guide. In addition you can also subscribe to newsletters such as the ECRE Weekly Bulletin, The Migration Policy Centre Newsletter, the European Migration Law.eu newsupdates and the International Refugee Rights Initiative Newsletter. Finally I strongly advise the Force Migration Current Awareness Blog, an independent digest of reports, journal articles and policy briefs updated daily.


For daily updated news see the research guide on refugees.