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Human Rights - Research Guide International Law

Human Rights are basic rights and freedoms that every human being is entitled to, irrespective of his or her nationality, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, language, sexual orientation, place of residence or any other status. Human Rights are often expressed and ensured by law in the form of national legislation, international treaties, customary international law, general principles and other sources of international law. Human Rights entail both rights and obligations. States assume obligations and duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfil human rights.

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Arctic drilling

The Impact of Offshore Oil Drilling in the Arctic

In July 2015 the Obama administration has given Royal Dutch Shell PLC approval to begin with limited exploratory oil drilling off Alaska’s northwest coast, in the Chukchi Sea. The permits were granted despite the nationwide protest (where people in 13 states gathered for a “ShellNo” Day of Action) and protests by many environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Friends of the Earth. In this blog I will give a summary of the history of Arctic drilling and I will also discuss shortly the environmental concerns and technological and safety risks relating to offshore oil drilling in the Arctic.

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