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Le droit financier international est un ensemble de règles, de normes et de pratiques qui gouvernent les marchés financiers internationaux et les transactions financières internationales. L’objectif de cet ensemble est d’assurer la stabilité financière internationale. Cette stabilité financière doit être garantie dans un environnement d’États nationaux, chacun poursuivant ses propres intérêts nationaux et ses propres [...]

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World War One Poetry and Music, Tuesday 25 November, Peace Palace

World War One Poetry and Music, Tuesday 25 November, Peace Palace

On Tuesday 25 November 2014, 19:45 hrs, a special ‘war poetry’ evening will take place in the Peace Palace to commemorate the First World War, based on a selection by Onno Kosters. Poems of well-known poets from Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, such as Siegfried Sassoon and John McCrae, Georg Trakl, Guillaume Apollinaire will be recited. The reading of the poems will be interlarded with music compositions and performances by Rénan Zelada closely linked to the First World War. A guided tour of the exhibition ‘Peace Illusion Disturbed’ is included.

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