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Le règlement des différends internationaux concerne les techniques et institutions qui sont utilisées pour résoudre les différends internationaux entre États et/ou organisations internationales. Les différends internationaux peuvent être résolus soit par la force (coercition) soit par des moyens pacifiques. Les techniques utilisées pour le règlement pacifique des différends internationaux sont la négociation, les enquêtes, la [...]

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Peace-Palace-in-The-Hague - Maartje

The Present as History

Obviously, all history is shaped by the historians who create it. When we write the past, we are also writing the present. We are the history we create. What appears on the published page is imbued with our questions, our insight, our voice, our reason and our perceptions. David Armitage and Jo Guldi remind us of the importance and power of this reality in their recent publication ‘The History Manifesto’, 2014. It is also the reason why historiography is the study of historians’ interpretations of the past situated within the context of the time they wrote about that past. If historians of the future write the history of my world here on the eve of 2015, what would they see?

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