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Research guide United Nations

United Nations | Research Guide International Law

The United Nations is an international organization, founded in 1945. It was established to promote a set of global values: peace and security, self-determination of peoples, social progress and development, and human dignity. It was set up to serve as a centre for harmonizing the actions of its Member States in the promotion of these values. The Organization currently has 192 Member States. It acts mainly through its six principal organs.

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Library blog Book Donations The Netherlands Red Cross

This month, The Netherlands Red Cross, has generously donated many books to help us expand our International Humanitarian Law collection. The Peace Palace Library would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to the staff members of the International Humanitarian Law Section of the Red Cross who made this possible.

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News and events Impact Summit Europe, 20-21 March 2018

The Impact Summit Europe is an investor- and invitation-only conference that aims to catalyse private institutional capital to support the financing of the SDGs and the mainstreaming of impact and sustainable development investing. Impact Summit Europe will be held on 20 and 21 March 2018 at the Peace Palace in the Hague, The Netherlands.
Impact Summit Europe

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The Martens Clause

Friedrich Fromhold Martens was a diplomat and jurist in service of the Russian Empire who made important contributions to the science of international law. He represented Russia at the Hague Peace Conference of 1899, during which he drafted the so-called The Martens Clause, and helped to settle the first cases of international arbitration. We have created a Library special on this topic in order to provide you easy access to our collection.

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Scheldt River: Controversy, Cooperation, International Law

Scheldt River: Controversy, Cooperation, International Law | Library Special

The Scheldt is a transboundary river which originates in North-Western France and runs through Western Belgium and the South-West of the Netherlands. The Scheldt Estuary is shared between Belgium and the Netherlands. The Dutch section of the estuary is called the Western Scheldt, and is of vital importance as navigation channel to the port of Antwerp. Since the separation of Belgium from the Netherlands in 1839, the free navigation of the Scheldt and the maintenance and improvement of the navigation channel have been a bone of contention and legal controversy.

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Peace Palace Library showcase

  • 523 B 23

  • Hathaway, O.A. and S.J. Shapiro, The Internationalists and Their Plan to Outlaw War, London, Allen Lane, 2017.

  • Arnauld, A. von (Hrsg.), Völkerrechtsgeschichte(n): historische Narrative und Konzepte im Wandel, Berlin, Duncker & Humblot, 2017.

  • 521 B 41

  • Gillespie, A., The Causes of War: Volume III: 1400 CE to 1650 CE, Oxford; Portland, Hart Publishing, 2017.

  • Macalister-Smith, P. and J. Schwietzke, Diplomatic Conferences and Congresses: A Bibliographical Compendium of State Practice 1642 to 1919, Graz-Feldkirch, Wolfgang Neugebauer, 2017.

You can find the showcase in our Reading Room.