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International Family Law - Research Guide International Law

Le droit international de la famille concerne toutes les questions de droit de la famille qui présentent un élément international. De plus en plus, les gens se déplacent et connaissent des expériences relationnelles internationales. Le facteur de rattachement le plus proche pour déterminer les règles de droit de la famille applicables à des matières familiales […]

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Blog bibliothèque European Democracy and #EURoad2Sibiu

If the Commission Juncker is to deserve a place in history, it may well be because of its efforts to democratize the EU. At the start of its term in 2014, the Commission Juncker included ‘democratic change’ in its ten policy priorities and towards the end of its time in office it has submitted a Roadmap for a more united, stronger and more democratic Union. The roadmap must lead to a meeting of the European Council in 2019 in the Romanian city of Sibiu and citizens are invited to participate in the debate via #EURoad2Sibiu.

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Nouvelles et événements ‘Lay Down Your Arms!’ in Every Bookcase

Everyone knows: without Bertha von Suttner the would be no Peace Palace. Her world famous book Lay Down Your Arms! has been instrumental in the creation of the PCA, the establishment of the Peace Palace and the peace movement. It has therefore been a foundation for the message of peace that the Peace Palace still carries out every day. Her work however is not widely read (in Dutch). The Dutch translation of Lay Down Your Arms! Dates back to 1925 and has become virtually unreadable. For that reason, the Peace Palace Library wishes to publish a modern rephrasing of Lay Down Your Arms! in honour of Bertha von Suttner’s 175th birthday.
Could Trump and Kim agree to a Peace Treaty ending the Korean War?

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Women’s Rights and Gender Equality


Women’s rights are the fundamental human rights that were enshrined by the United Nations for every human being on the planet nearly 70 years ago. These rights include the right to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination; to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn a fair and equal wage. Gender equality is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making, and when the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued and favoured.

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A World Free of Nuclear Weapons

With it’s recent decision to honour the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, the Nobel Committee has sent a powerful message of concern that should be attached to nuclear weapons. It comes at a moment when North Korea is actively developing its nuclear programme, the fate of the Iran nuclear deal is in the balance, and the United States and Russia are both seeking to modernise their nuclear forces. ICAN campaigned for the drafting of an entirely new disarmament agreement – the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – that was opened for signature at the United Nations in July this year. We have created a Library special on nuclear disarmament in order to provide you easy access to our collection.

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